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Family Tree

A family runs business in Bangkok. This family is composed of father, mother and 3 kids. All of them know one another because they are in the same home.

The grandfather of this family has 2 sons. One married and moved to run business in Bangkok. The other married and move to run business in Songkla. The members of two families go to visit their grandfather at Chiengmai on every new year day. All of them meet one another once a year.

The great grandfather has three sons and a daughter. All of them married and have sons, daughters, nephews, nieces. This family tree is composed of 46 people. Their great grandfather passed away. There is no one to connect them together. These people live in differnt cities or different countries. How do they know one another ?

If they share this big family tree. They know who is who from information in family tree although they never met one another. They can connect each other via online media and introduce themselves. A family tree likes a map that provides information for you to go to the destination.

Where can I find my family tree ?

if you are not a public person or not a famous person, you cannot find your family tree by search engine like google because no one build your family tree in internet. In case of common people like you and me, family tree is private information of each family. If you would like to have it in internet, you have to build it yourself.

Sample of a big family tree.

All information of people in this big family tree is supposed. Thanks Thai actors and actresses for their portraits to be used in this family tree.
You can login to this big family tree by email and password in this picture.

Click here to login

Email family.big@bigfamilies.net
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