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About me

I was born in Thailand. My father is Teochew. He moved from China to Thailand alone in 1946. All of his relatives are still in China. He passed away in Thailand in May 2015. In my father's funeral ceremony, I found many unknown relatives. I can guess they are my mother's relatives because my father's relatives are in China. They did not come to join us. I wonder why there are so many relatives that I do not know. Some ones, I have never seen them before. Some ones, I saw them when I was young and have not seen them for a long time. I try to recall who they are but I cannot. They can call my name but I do not know them. I feel bad about myself. Why do I not know my relatives ? We live in the same city. They know me but I do not know them.

My father was born in China in 1922. He moved to Thailand when he was 24 years old in 1946. World war II ended in 1945. My father left his homeland 1 year after world war II ended. I am interested his 24-year life in China both when he was young and during world war II before he decided to move to Thailand. I know a little about his life in that period as he told me. It is a pity that his stories gone when he passed away.

If my father had written his stories in his diary when he was young in China and written continuously until the end in Thailand, I would get a perfect diary about his biography that I could find answers of many questions such as
1) What about his childhood in China ?
2) What about his life during world war II in China at war ?
3) What did he know about Thailand before he decide to move to Thailand ?
4) As he told me, no one in his family agreed with him to move to Thailand.
5) How much did he confide to move to Thailand ?
5) He had no relatives in Thailand and could not speak Thai. How did he survive in Thailand ? etc.

The stories of my father are my inspiration to develop a web application www.BigFamilies.net. I intend to build it as a library where anyone can store his/her family information and share it with his/her relatives. Relatives can share their family trees and diaries so they can get to know each other although they live in different cities or different countries and never meet each other.

You can search a lot of information in internet by search engine like google but you cannot search information about your relatives if they are not public persons or famous persons because their information is not kept in any website. However, they are important persons for you so your family information is private information that you have to keep it in your private database like www.BigFamilies.net and share it with your relatives.

Thanks communication technology that make people over the world can communicate via internet. To let everyone gets benefit from this technology, I build BigFamilies as a public application that everyone registers for free of charge.

If you are alive until 90 years old, you cannot tell your stories correctly because you get amnesia. It is better to tell your stories today while your memory is bright. You can record your stories in your diary in BigFamilies. Not only description, but also pictures can be recorded in your diary. When you are 90 years old you back to read them to recall. Moreover, the stories in your diary are invaluable for your heirs when you passed away. Your heirs in the next generation can get to know you from the stories you told in your diary. Don't let your stories gone with you. Please keep them here. Let them be invaluable legend of your family.

Sompong Thitasomboon
email : sompong_thitasomboon@yahoo.com

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