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resize pictures

Higher resolution of pictures is a feature of new digital cameras or mobile phones. Manufacturers use this feature to show that the new model is better than the old one. However, some applications limit the size of pictures. If the pictures are larger than the limit, they cannot be uploaded.

Family tree needs portraits of size 200x200 pixels. If you upload high resolution pictures, they are resized to fit invisible frames of 200x200 pixels.

Resolution 6,000x6,000 pixels is useful for a photo of many people such as 50 people are taken in a photo. A photo of 50 people need high resolution in order to be able to zoom in to see each person. A photo of 5 people do not need such a high resolution.

Pictures upload to diary in BigFamilies should be resized because a very high resolution take time to upload and download.

BigFamilies supports picture maximum size 2,000 x 2,000 pixels. However, If there are a few persons in photo, its size should not be larger than 1,000 x 1,000 pixels

Tools to resize photo
There are many tools to resize photos. This article introduces 3 tools : -

1) Paint
Paint is an interesting software because it is bandled in windows. Windows users can access Paint in the menu of Accessories

2) Photoshop
Photoshop is the most well know graphic software. It is easy to find photoshop manual in many languages. Moreover, there are many websites and video clips that show tips of photoshop. Photoshop supports both windows and mac (apple). This software is not a standard software bundled in OS. You have to pay for license to install photoshop in your computer.

3) Online resize service
Online resize service can be found in many websites.
The pros of online resize service is that you do not install any software in your computer.
Thd cons is that :-
1) You need high speed internet because the service is online.
2) You have to finish upload a picture of original size before you start resizing. The larger your picture is, the longer it takes.
If you want to resize a few pictures and their sizes are not so big, online service is an interesting tool. However, if you want to upload many photos from your digital camera and the size of each picture is bigger than 10 MB, you should consider installing resize software in your computer and resize them offline.

Click here to see how to resize photo using Paint

Click here to see how to resize photo using Photoshop

Click here to see how to resize photo using online resize service

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